CommUNITY gathering; Maybe open forum?; Visit a nursing home; Feral cat surgery; Howard Eskin; The Pascale Sykes Foundation train


The column that says let’s see who shows up at Mayor Albert Kelly’s CommUNITY gathering on the city hall annex steps Saturday, from 2 to 5 p.m., and what kind of blueprint is put forth for moving forward, and if Michael Mickey Williams, Bryan Real and Lynwood Mosley are mentioned among the change-makers among others.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S.Army: RA13815980

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Good evening, again!

We can’t remember who is supposed to be on 92.1 FM with us on Saturday from noon to 2 p.m.

Don’t want to overbook..

So we’ll wait and see who says, “Are we still on?”

And if nobody does and nobody shows, we could have two hours of radio run amok with open forum, if you have the guts to respond.

“If you ever thought about volunteering for a good cause, I can’t recommend visiting a nursing home/assisted living enough!

“The reward far outweighs the time you give! To let these seniors know they still matter is such a good feeling.

“I spoke to a 91-year-old resident who is sharp as a tack, and to hear her story and how she is the only one in her family still alive made me cry, but her positive outlook on life made me smile!”

— Gina Collini.

Delaware Blue

We have no idea how:

1. Nursing homes can do anything but cut corners hurting patients in order to survive because of the cuts in health care.

2. Buses can make their trips on time without speeding.

Anybody who can look a veteran in the eye after the way the VA has treated them doesn’t understand what patriotism means.

And nobody went to jail.

Anybody who can look a maimed veteran missing limbs or his mind knowing we haven’t done anything to make the price worthwhile — not to mention the 5,000 who never made it home — is too hooked on scrambled eggs on military hats to know what winning is like.

And we haven’t seen it in 14 years of war despite a cost of $1.4 trillion.


It beats any other prices we’ve heard.

“In times like these, I am heartened by my favorite philosopher’s words of strength, courage and hope:

“‘It’s always darkest just before … going totally black.”’

— J. Hummel

You’re suffering from PTSD.

You have severance pay coming and you have unemployment benefits, and one helluva wife.

It will give you time to strategize.

Don’t settle for a fast food chain unless you can be the manager.

Think about starting your own public relations firm.

Never, ever let them see you sweat!

Tonight at our favorite eatery, two hours into the shift, our waitress up $27 and another favorite up $21.

Would expect it on Kids Night, but not Wednesday when most SS checks come out.

Famous last words:

“We’re going to stick it straight up the Redskins’ rear end!”

— Howard Eskin

Can we climb aboard the Pascale Sykes train?

A little history.

April 2, 2015

Families are important to Frances P. Sykes.

Two years after her father, Henry Pascale, a businessman, died in 1990, she started a foundation with her husband, Donald M. Sykes, to help poor working families in New Jersey and New York City.

“The ones missed by the safety net,” said Fran Sykes to a roomful of people at the Fitness Connection handpicked to make a difference for someone trying to give a way a fortune and asking only success in return.

“To move into the middle class and remain there.”

The foundation will close its doors in 2022 or 2023, having given away all its millions.

An ad hoc committee has decided that Pascale Sykes will now spend as much as $40 million on job and tourist efforts in Cumberland, Salem, Gloucester and Atlantic counties.

The foundation began to give away grants five years ago to support families.

“After awarding social services grants, one of our board members said transportation was a need in all four counties,” said Sykes. “We have transportation efforts going in three counties, and Gloucester this year will be the fourth.”

Then the foundation discovered that families can be trained for jobs forever, but if there are no jobs there, they can’t be self-sufficient.

“The counties are growing, but are they growing the way the residents want?” asked Sykes. “In some places, the growth has been mostly in drugs.”

She said now there has to be two thrusts: One, making the area a destination region and, two, strengthening education and work-force development.

New Jersey Community Capital became the consultant to administer the job part, giving out loans and a few grants to get ready for different kinds of loans.

“Something for everybody, but not a free-for-all,” warned Sykes.

For the destination part, Michael Willmann, of WMSH, an award-winning advertising and public relations agency with offices in Haddonfield and Trenton, has been hired to coordinate the marketing.

“All of this really doesn’t matter if you can’t find a job for somebody,” Willmann began, “so the South Jersey economic initiative is born.”

Willmann wants everybody to know what is going on, including with an ad in the Wall Street Journal.

Laughlin Constable was hired to do a marketing strategy.

“They came away saying a campaign was needed to create pride inside the region,” said Willmann.

Their slogan became, “Take pride in what’s inside,” to be the driving force behind what was going on.

Particularly small towns.

“They talked about things like the area wine culture, with soil as good as the bordeaux section of France,” said Willmann, “and the need to hire a marketing communications firm.”

Talking about “pride inside” has a half-million-dollar price tag for Phase I.

The request for information from marketing communication firms is seven pages long and Willmann urged attendees to take some and hand them out.

Once the firm is selected, how to deliver the message will be formulated.

“That it’s a good place to go, to live, to start a business is what we’re trying to control,” said Willmann.

The agency doesn’t have to be from South Jersey.

Before the meeting, Willmann said he wanted to meet with the editorial boards of newspapers to help get the word out.

“We’re a gateway,” said Mrs. Sykes concluded. “All four counties. Think creatively. We’re all part of the same region. Good luck. I’ve got my fingers crossed on this one.”

YOU CAN BOOK IT: We’ve got our fingers crossed, too.

CommUNITY gathering; Maybe open forum?; Visit a nursing home; Feral cat surgery; Howard Eskin; The Pascale Sykes Foundation train

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