Prime Pascale Sykes pump like Geico; Help Code Blue; Millville primed for Code Blue; Veterans Day prime rib dinner; Bad news for Jack Horner’s dog; ‘Snitches Get Stitches’ T-shirts


The column that says even though something is non-profit designed to help a community or a county to improve itself — such as the Pascale Sykes Foundation, what is wrong with it buying commercial time on the radio to get the word out, to prime and pump, to keep the mission in front of all those who need the help, with spots by Fran Sykes herself speaking so her effort becomes as great as, say, Geico, and Saturday, from noon to 2 p.m., is the perfect spot where local situations are all that is discussed.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays from noon to 2 p.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

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Good evening!

Each year, the week before Thanksgiving is National Hunger & Homlessness Awareness Week.

Accordingly, we are asking each Cumberland County faith community, to join us in our 2nd annual Code Blue Weekend on Nov. 19 and 20.

We are requesting you stage a special, one-time offering during that weekend to support the work of Code Blue.

We can supply your church with volunteer/donation palm cards and donation envelopes. To request materials, sign up at or call 1-844-M25-HOPE.

— M25 Initiative

“Code Blue officially begins in a few days in Millville.

“However we still won’t be opening doors until the temps fall a lot more.

“That said, I have begun to make a list of some non-perishable items that I would like to have on hand for that day when we suddenly get word that we are open.

“I will have a certified kitchen this year so I will be able to prepare a few things for our guests on those days when we don’t have a donated meal (this does not mean that individuals can prepare food at their home and bring in … must be prepared in the certified kitchen).

“That said, I will need:

Roast bee and chicken-flavored soup base (I buy it at ShopRite and I prefer it to bouillon cubes).

 Gravy (all flavors) either in cans or powdered (I buy for myself the large containers of powdered by McCormick) at BJs, but doesn’t matter.

Canned or jarred spaghetti sauce.

 Powdered milk.


Peanut Butter.


Canned whole tomatoes.

 Canned vegetables.

 Canned soup.

Canned cranberry sauce.

Tuna Fish.


Coffee (reg and decaf).

Hot chocolate mix.

 Hot sauce.




ShopRite or BJ’s gift cards are always handy in an emergency. We’ve had a couple of those when we’ve had a snow storm or for some reason a provided meal falls through. . For now I don’t know what our status is for a freezer/refrigerator space. I wish we had a freezer so I could be stocking up on some of the great sales on meats etc. That said think of us if you get a free turkey or ham for the holidays that your family cannot use. I’ll find somewhere to store it.

“Right now, I don’t have storage space, but it won’t be long and we will be needing:

Umbrellas, rain gear, winter boots, socks.

 Handsanitzer, dish detergent, plastic Ziploc bags, SOS pads.

 All paper products and plastic forks, spoons, etc.

“Hand warmers are always needed.

“Special request if anyone has a couple used snow shovels that they no longer need, we can use them also. I always have a couple guests that can use them when we have snow days. (they like to go earn money by shoveling sidewalks and driveways).

“Thanks all! Once again, I will be the food coordinator/supply coordinator.”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

What a tremendous blueprint!

And we can remember when no one in Millville would step up and take the cold by the horns.


That’s a Veterans Day dinner.

Take a veteran to dinner for just 15 bucks and help a food pantry at the same time.

No way!

“They had everything set up for 97-year-old Jack Horner to come home, but Inspira can’t come up with 3 nurses to take shifts so he can get home.

“Old man wants to be home bad. Going to take Toto over to see him in the a.m.

“Need to start finding her a home. I had her here for 43 days. She would not get along with my dogs. She’s used to be by herself, needs a older person with no dogs or cats.

“Just had all her shots up to date.”

— Shep

You trying to kill both of them?

They’re inseparable!

We passed the 300-year-old oak today looking for a sleep apnea center in Washington Township.

A little history

Jan. 31, 2013

More on the 300-year-old Eura oak tree:

Hunter Wagner lived on a farm in 1958 and he and his dad were in the woods cutting trees for lumber.

“There was this big beech tree and I told him I was going to cut it down.

“Don’t touch that tree,’’ his father told him.

“Beech trees are rare in this area.

“I’ve watched that tree all these years and Sandy finally took part of it down.

“But, that was nature taking its course.

“I think it’s a disgrace what they’re trying to do to that oak tree in Aura.

“They call it progress, but where do you draw the line.

“Maybe, someday, we should tear down Independence Hall in Philadelphia in the name of progress.

“If the tree is interfering with wires, put the wires on the other side.

“If they want to put the wires underground, cross the road and come back again.

“And I have a copy of the Penn Woods book.’’

More on famous people who played Cohanzick.

Let’s talk tennis.

Old-time tennis.

Bill Tilden.

Who played Bill Tilden at Cohanzick Country Club?

It was William Frederick Weber Jr.

Fred Weber’s father.

“He has country club championship trophies, South Jersey championship trophies and West Jersey trophies,’’ said Fred.

It was Weber who was playing Tilden when he cut his finger on the fence and later developed gangrene and had to be partially amputated.


“I applied for a school security monitor position in Bridgeton City and didn’t get the job.

“I have 26 years experience in police (Camden), Armed and Unarmed Security(NJ/PA).

“I even owned my own security company at one time. I guess I wasn’t qualified enough.

“The job search continues. God must have better plans and opportunities in store for me.”

— Jorje Romero

Your job right now is to bring the 43 percent Latinos together in Bridgeton, even if you have to talk to them in church.

Gain their confidence and join with Father David Rivera to be their city leaders.

Go to Indian Avenue School and ask the principal about “the poorest of the poor” that they give Thanksgiving dinners to.

We did.

“Mark your calendars for the 5th annual MSHS Staff vs. Millville Police charity basketball game.

“All funds raised will go to the Millville PAL Basketball League.

“Last year, we raised enough money to start the league and we hope to continue funding it for years to come. Please come support with wonderful cause. All money goes right back into our kids in our community. Feel free to share this.”

— Colleen Scholl Hand14725690_10210857134254606_5170610411303655050_n.jpg

Watch Rick Kott light up the court with 30 points!

D. Bailey Miles will be there in her Taking Back Millvile cheerleader outfit.


Wore our “Snitches Get Stitches” T-shirt to surgery site in Vineland and IHOP.

Made us badass.

Wonder why Rev. Morgan doesn’t pose for Facebook in his?

Were they his idea or Bishop Hadley’s?

The kid charged with shooting Vonte Lee is known to everybody, said John Fuqua on 92.1 FM today.

What the hell!

YOU CAN BOOK IT: If we thought the national election would change Cumberland County, we might really care.

Prime Pascale Sykes pump like Geico; Help Code Blue; Millville primed for Code Blue; Veterans Day prime rib dinner; Bad news for Jack Horner’s dog; ‘Snitches Get Stitches’ T-shirts

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