Do you shop local?; Batman character photos with you Saturday at the library; Gotham gala Saturday, 5 to 8 p.m.; How do we fight cancer?; Cocoa pebbles ice cream cake!; Bridgeton PAL thinking Christmas early; Candidates, how do we collect millions owed to local courts?


13418881_10210129312377989_5948417533190413720_n.jpgThe column that asks, how many businesses did you go into today in downtown Bridgeton, Millville, Vineland or Salem to buy what you need, because we make it to at least four every day, even when we eat at Mama Mia’s in Salem, Texas Roadhouse in Millville, Gaetano’s in Vineland and DiLisi’s at Carll’s Corner, not that we wouldn’t love to eat with Mr. Keister in Hawaii.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

“She’s not on this week!

“She’s not on this week!”

The word reverberated from the WVLT general manager’s office all the way to Bridgeton’s transplanted Boston crab to three calls to us.

“Courtenay Reece cannot be on 92.1 FM Saturday because she has other commitments,” cried Abbott.

Of course she does. That’s why she wasn’t scheduled. As little as we remember about who is on, we knew it wasn’t the Bridgeton Librarian, who definitely will attend the Batman gala at Wayne Manor Saturday, from 5 to 8 p.m.

There is also a chance to get your picture taken with the Gotham heroes Saturday at 1 p.m. at the library. It’s $3 per photo.

And we have a sneaking suspicion Mike Schuelke is the photographer,


Monday, the Joker will appear at ShopRite in Upper Deerfield handing out raffle tickets.

It’s Gotham City month and all the Batman characters are flitting around the city before the gala at 151 W. Commerce St., on mansion row.

The gala is RSVP so they know how many are coming.

It’s the home of Jorje Romero and his 10 kids.

If Mike Abbott is not Penquin, they’re missing a great opportunity!

All that happens Saturday after you have sausage gravy or creamed dried beef on biscuits with eggs, peppers, bacon, onions, home fries & cheese sauce at the Dutch Family Restaurant at the Amish Market in Hopewell for $7.99.

You can request an audience with the face of the market, Jonas King, as Amish and friendly as they come.

We don’t know if everybody picks out a favorite cancer victim to support, but we do.

And right now that is Deanna Speranza-Murphy because we knew what the father went through, one of the sons and now the daughter, Deanna, who we met trying to raise money for Deerfield School at a time when they didn’t have computers and money for trips.

She was president of the school board.

Cancer hit her, then she was cancer free, and now it has come back.

So we will print this again from yesterday and then we’ll tell you why.

“This is written by my friend, Vicky Pajaron Risher.
“She expresses here what I feel about Pinktober and more:
“For a cancer survivor like me, it’s getting through each day to survive.
Just because we are in remission doesn’t mean that things go back to the way they used to be.
“However, I want to expand on a thing or two.
“First, I hate Pinktober.
“Second, I find the “Save the Boobies” or “Save the Tatas” campaigns absolutely tacky and deplorable. It trivializes breast cancer and is demeaning to women to look at fundraising campaign photos of women in sexy bras. ( yes I’ve seen them, and as of late, other photos that are thankfully more appropriate).
“It should be “Save Her (or His) Life.” Yes, men get breast cancer also and there simply isn’t enough research or support services for them.
“Also, if you are with someone who places more value on saving your breasts than your life, you are with the WRONG person. I’ve witnessed a few instances where the husband insisted that his wife get a lumpectomy and not a mastectomy, even when the doc said the lumpectomy wasn’t recommended for those situations.
“I’ve seen enough marriages break up once the breasts are either gone or they’ve been reconstructed with flaws. Cancer destroys far more than one’s physique.
“I dread October for one reason: Pink. Breast cancer isn’t pretty and trying to “Pink it up” doesn’t erase the scars or the pain that breast cancer brings into your life. It doesn’t lighten the mood at the end of the day. I will never be the person I was before breast cancer, no matter how many pink boas you throw around my neck.
“I also can’t stand how every company out there drowns their displays, commercials, and products in Pepto Bismol pink to entice customers to buy more of their product and make them feel good about it.
“Truth is, those corporations are getting the tax deductible charitable donation — NOT YOU. And those charitable organizations in general don’t give most of their proceeds to the victims of breast cancer or research.
“If you want to help, take a patient to their chemo appointment. Offer to go grocery shopping for them or clean their house. Pick their children up from school. Make some meals for them so they don’t have to struggle through the fatigue of treatment to try and feed their family. Offer to sit with them and be a shoulder to cry on if that’s what they need.
“Cancer is isolating, depressing, life altering and a lifetime of trying to find your new normal, whether you are actively in treatment or in remission.
“Even if patients or survivors look OK to YOU, they may not be inside. It may have taken all the energy they had that morning just to get out of bed, shower, get dressed, put makeup on and try to fit back into the life they once enjoyed before cancer.
“Also, please remember that many are left with lifelong side effects like lymphedema, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, depression, anxiety, etc and the emotional fallout their loved ones have to push through.
“Their loved ones who are often the caregivers need support, too! If you want to feel good about donating, please donate to your local community that offers support services for victims of this horrible disease.
“For instance, our local community offers services through the Breast Cancer Bridge program and there are services as well for those who have other kinds of cancer.
“Please keep ALL cancer patients and their families in your thoughts and good wishes for survivorship, not just those that society wants to identify by drowning the world in pink.”

— Diane Roberts Rogers

“Diane Roberts Rogers I could not have said it better myself!”

— Deanna Speranza-Murphy

Are we going at it the wrong way?

Is there more we can do locally despite the tremendous efforts of the Bottino family to raise money and the thousands who were drawn to the Barbara Cook Foundation?

We know that no one in the Bottino family pays themselves “$560,896 per year, which at the time put her below Komen president Elizabeth Thompson’s reported annual compensation of $606,461.”

— Charity Navigators

We say give your donation to Deanna, c/o the Bridgeton Police Dept., Bridgeton, N.J. ATTN: Mike or Tom Speranza.

We guarantee she will do the right thing with it.

Now we’ll going to get even more hell from Chief Gaimari.

Dieters, skip the following!

“Cocoa pebbles ice cream cake! Premium Hershey’s vanilla ice cream laced with the dopest cocoa pebbles I could find, chocolate ganache and marshmallow.

“When you request it, we do it at Outlaw’s Burger Barn & Creamery.

“Now on sale at the Barn, limited quantities are available for immediate pickup. We also make them to order with a 48-hour notice.

“Give us a call at 856-691-5438 for prices and availability. If you can dream it, we’ll make it!”

Do you shop local?; Batman character photos with you Saturday at the library; Gotham gala Saturday, 5 to 8 p.m.; How do we fight cancer?; Cocoa pebbles ice cream cake!; Bridgeton PAL thinking Christmas early; Candidates, how do we collect millions owed to local courts?

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