Crime rate statistics; How do they do two streets’ stats?; Pot pie at Aunt Betty’s; ‘Aladdin Jr.’ fundraiser; Bridgeton Packers on win streak; Columbus Day special at EMS Cafe; Citizen Bondi on 92.1 FM


The column that says if you’re going to do crime rate statistics, do them as a downtown and the city park where visitors go and not on Garfield or Church street, where only those who live there go, because the chance of being a victim is not 1 in 96 downtown or in the park, or haven’t you talked to the police chief lately, and who has a park as big as ours, anyway?

By Jack Hummel

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Did you know:

“Did you know that the Fayette St. / Belmont Ave. neighborhood has more Puerto Rican and Jamaican ancestry people living in it than nearly any neighborhood in America?

“It’s true!

“In fact, 10.7% of this neighborhood’s residents have Puerto Rican ancestry and 2.7% have Jamaican ancestry.

“This neighborhood has a higher rate of childhood poverty than 61.6% of U.S. neighborhoods.”

— Neighborhood Scout

But you know what is really sad?

Over 25 percent of blacks living where congress meets were living below the poverty level in 2014.

“I think the early bye week hurt the Eagles they lost a lot of momentum.

“The Eagles’ weakness was exposed today in the quick passing game. The front seven were not able to get pressure like they were in the previous games.”

— Steven Paul

Whose power went out Sunday?

Jim Williams’. He spent the whole summer in the hospital and now this.

“It’s chicken pot pie time at Aunt Betty’s in Greenwich.

“People are calling and wanting more! The good news is, she will be serving every Friday evening, beginning at 4:30.

“The sad news: It sells out fassst! You may eat in or take out, but come early!”

— Aunt Betty’s,

at the corner of Greenwich Road and Ye Greate Street

:”Please help support Gianna’s upcoming play, ‘Aladdin Jr.,’ by ordering officially licensed spirit and travel cups featuring the country’s top schools and teams.

“All orders sent directly to you or me — you decide.

“Please order by Oct. 14 and share with other sports fans. Believe it or not they even have teams that have NEVER won a Super Bowl — the Eagles and, of course, teams that have … the Cowboys.

“Thank you.”

— Lisa Marie,

on behalf of Spencer Lau, director, and all the students

“Man … in other news, shoutout to my Cumberland Dairy Packers on the 3-game win streak we’re on.

“The boys have really turned it around, playing with heart, passion, determination.

“It feels good to watch them execute a game plan we put into play.

“Adjustments at halftime and during the game done by my coaching staff have been right on point. I just hope we can keep it up and continue to grow as a team to possibly win a championship.

“Shoutout to all the kids for working hard andthe coaching staff for being so dedicated. Two shutouts in a row, baby. Haven’t given up a touchdown since the first quarter of our game against Woodstown three weeks ago.

“Keep workin’, boys.”

— Coach Lynwood Mosley

Columbus Day Special.

10% off all Burgers and Chicken Sandwiches this Monday only.

Monday hours — 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

97 Quinton Marlboro Rd.
corner of Jericho Rd. and Route 49.

— Pattyscakes Concessions and Early Morning Start Cafe,

Guess who is coming on 92.1 FM Saturday, Oct. 29, at 1 p.m.?

Citizen John Bondi, former Bridgeton police chief who still works in the building.

He’ll tell you what it is like to have at least one lawsuit against you every week just for being where you are.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Nothing brings out anger like a debate with your future hanging in the balance, and nothing is better than Jim’s Lunch reopening in Millville.

Crime rate statistics; How do they do two streets’ stats?; Pot pie at Aunt Betty’s; ‘Aladdin Jr.’ fundraiser; Bridgeton Packers on win streak; Columbus Day special at EMS Cafe; Citizen Bondi on 92.1 FM

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