Bigger napkins; Valerie Morrison: Revolt!; Give David Price a chance to talk; Keep retirees here; Please take tabby; Look what was dropped off; Citation for branches


The column that says if you’re going to serve delicious, gourmet, plentiful, consistent, but messy food at your restaurant, could you include a big napkin with the silverware, since bibs are too expensive, and bringing a towel is tacky?

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


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Good evening!

Did you hear psychic Valerie Morrison with Steve Tatz on 92.1 FM Monday night say to revolt against the 23-cent tax hike?

She didn’t say what would happen to the revolters.

She’s not afraid to get feisty when it counts.

Bridgeton Main Street: Proof your Facebook website copy.

Hopefully, the 92.1 FM phone lines won’t burn up Saturday when the sage comes back to town.

Hopefully, David Price will get a chance to pass on to you what he has learned in Washington, D.C., since retiring as a Bridgeton High School teacher, and even more what he has picked up since his latest move to Atlanta.

He could spend two hours talking about all the top-end restaurants he has reservationed over the last few years.

He has put them all on Facebook.

Dave Price has been photographed with a hundred famous people in Washington, and has at least three different websites depending on what you’re really into.

He grew up playing in a band, kept the news flowing straight for both the Bridgeton Evening News and the Press of Atlantic City before deciding to make real money as a teacher.

It hasn’t all been peaches and cream, so don’t be jealous.

Through it all, he has maintained a sense of humor.



He has talked to both Rotary clubs this week about how he found out Batman’s Gotham City pointed to Bridgeton on a map in a 1978 comic book, and will discuss it again on Saturday along with Bridgeton Main Street guru Steve Paul and Bridgeton Library head Courtenay Reece.

To lose him was a tragedy. To have him back for a little while to speak is an honor.

David Price: Coming home!

If all the highly paid people in Cumberland County retired here, do you realize how much that would improve spending?

If all the college graduates returned back home, the stat people could never call us the least educated when it comes to a workforce for new business starting here.

Is there a retired police chief living here other than John Bondi?

A retired superintendent, not counting the ones who fill in everywhere where there’s a temporary vacancy?

Geez, if we could just keep our spending power at home!

Although Millville High School has a lot of retired coaches hanging on.

We have to get the kind of businesses in here that require higher education for higher technology.


Can we get weekly reports from who is working on it?

If the injuries to quarterbacks continue at the current rate, 32 will be knocked out of action by the end of the season.

Is there anybody who doesn’t believe the rest of the Eagles are playing harder because they believe in Carson Wentz?

Seriously, what happens if he goes down? Everything.

“I’m going to brag for just a second.

“We are in the midst of making our scarecrow, and we are trying to figure out who we’ve partnered with for all of the projects we’ve done over the past year and a half.

“So I started making a list — we’ve done 14 projects with the involvement of at least 32 different partners.

“I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far, and so excited to see what we do in the future. OK, I’m done bragging now.

“Thank you to everyone who has participated in our projects and discussions — this works because we work together.”

— D. Bailey Miles (the D stands for Determined, Dedicated & Dangerous)

Taking Back MillvilIe

“In need of a colony provider to take in a new cat to their colony.

“A Millville resident called me and needs to place him, as she is moving. He will need neutered, and is about 7-8 months old and he is semi-feral. She does not want to take him to the CCSPCA as she knows what likely will happen.

“The caretaker is leaving and selling her home and cannot take the cat with her, as she owns other cats and I tried to find a solution, but it was not forthcoming.

“He is a tabby cat.

“She is happy to provide a bunch of food, $100ish with the cat, so that is a good incentive.

“The caretaker’s name is Ellen and her direct 856-825-2552  and she does not text, nor does she have a camera to give me a picture. If she is not there, please leave a phone message.”

— Gary E. Meyer,

Millville Cat Coordinator

“Just saw a kid miss the school bus. He started crying. 20 years ago I could had picked him up and took him to school.

“I’d get arrested today. Felt bad for him.”

— Frank Harris Sr.

“God Never Said Marriage was Going to be Easy:

“Marriage is not a bed of roses. Marriage is work.

“Those that enter marriage must do so with the understanding that they enter a work with no retirement, a school with no graduation and a battle with no retreat or surrender.

“Marriage is enjoyable to those that are enduring. But those that expect sweet without sweat and pleasure without pain are setting themselves up for great disappointment.

“Marriage is not for quitters. The greatest preparation for marriage is to brace for its exhilarating adventure. The fun of a roller coaster is in its ups and downs.

“The beauty of marriage in enjoying the ups and enduring the downs.

“Get on your knees hand-in-hand together and pray, fast and fight for your marriage. No retreat! No surrender!”

— Isaac Kubvoruno

They never tell you that before you fall in the first hole you come to.

Over 50 percent don’t last and the only real sufferers are the children.

Biggest compromise seems to be: If you agree to stay away from me forever, I won’t ask for child support.

There should be special weekend duty for people who refuse to pay child support, especially by not working.

Surely eight hours of work on each Saturday at minimum wage would satisfy most monthly child support.

But we don’t do that for the kids.

We don’t do it for the nursing homes that can’t help but lose money if they treat the elderly right.

It’s a crap shoot to be born.

It’s unrepresented to get old.

“So on the way home from work, I say to my hubby, I just want to relax after the emotional weekend we had.

“And this is what someone dumped on our sidewalk and was waiting for us!

“OMG! THEY ARE GOING TO NEED HOMES! Eyes cleaned and opened and and drops and antibiotics and bellies full! Now I can relax for 2 hours! Ugh!”



“Who’s is the prick in the city of Bridgeton that goes around issuing citations for having a few branches adjacent to their property that is also partly on the street?

“This idiot comes on my property, he will have those branches jammed up his ass.

“You have to make a bleeping appointment to have them picked up. I guess this is to make them feel important.

“When I worked for the street department, we would ride around and pick up branches and clean the water grates. Now they do nothing. Times have changed.”

— Walt Koldys

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Don’t give up if what you’re trying to do is helping other people.

Bigger napkins; Valerie Morrison: Revolt!; Give David Price a chance to talk; Keep retirees here; Please take tabby; Look what was dropped off; Citation for branches

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