Jealous over Hawaii; Code Blue time; Millville youth soccer; CBK answered; Andrea runs on coffee; Jack Horner; Jim Williams has lost 137 pounds; Candidate Larry Malone; Jane Hemighaus’ tree; When Steve Lane tried to help the city; Cat commissioner says thanks


The column that says it takes almost 12 hours flying home from Hawaii with a half-hour stopover in Texas, and we ask, what does that do as far as jet lag is concerned, and does that sound like we’re jealous?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

“Dear Community Partners:

“We are now accepting volunteer applications for the 2016-2017 Code Blue Season.
“All volunteers must submit an application (even if they participated in prior years).
“We are also in need of churches to open their doors to the homeless in all three municipalities. Additionally, we are in need of meal sponsors for Code Blue nights.
“For applications and more information, please visit: The updated Code Blue handbook is located on the website.
“We are trying to get a head start on what is predicted to be a difficult winter. Please spread the word!
“Thank you.”
— Dr. Rob Weinstein,
President & Founder
The M25 Initiative
Millville Girls & Boys Soccer
U10 Boys:
On Sunday Sept. 11, the Millville Marauders played their opening game of the season on the road versus the Moorestown Bulls.
For the Marauders, this would be their first regular season game together as a team. While there is certainly still many aspects of the game for the boys to grasp, they proved that they are heading in the right direction.
Mario Jacobo led the scoring for Millville with a hat trick, while Drew Finch added two tallies of his own. Devaughn Smith and Jack Gamber also scored for Millville, while Trystan Sheppard, Josh Butcher and Jayden Jones were key contributors on defense and at midfield.
The Marauders will face Upper Township next week at home.
On Sunday Sept. 17, the Millville Marauders played their second match of the season, hosting the Upper Twp. Derechos.
The Marauders played tremendous soccer and were able to control possession throughout the match. Goals came quickly for Millville with Mario Jacobo leading the way with four tallies, while Devaughn Smith added two of his own and was joined on the sheet by Trystan Sheppard. Drew Finch, Jack Gamber and Jayden Jones were all key contributors for Millville who travel to Haddonfield next weekend.
U13 Boys:
Millville United continued their strong start to the season with another 6-0 away win today against Mainland Maniacs.
The first 10 minutes were end to end, but Millville quickly took control and Ethan Dalgleish scored the opener to break the deadlock. Soon after Blake Gifford scored the 2nd and 3rd to give United a comfortable lead. Vaughn Kurilko then hit the back of the net followed by a free kick from Austin Costa. Blake Gifford then got his hat-trick to put the game well out of reach of the home side.
U15 Boys:
On Sunday, Millville Mercy defeated Woodbury United in Woodbury by a score of 4-1.
Scoring for Mercy was Carter Sloan with 2 goals, one assisted by Adilya Rathod, one goal for Geoffrey Dash, assisted by Sean Crilley, and one goal by Calen Cuesta.
Playing another excellent game in the goal for Mercy was goalkeeper Braydon Bock.  Mercy takes on the Hammonton Heat next Sunday at home.
U14 Girls:

The Millville Pride dropped a heartbreaker in their opening match against Jersey South FC on Sunday.

Millville would dominate the opening half, both in possession and scoring opportunities. Their lone goal game off the foot of forward Olivia Giordano after a wonderful assist by Mary Greco.
Greco would later just miss on a direct kick that hit the crossbar. Jersey South went on to score twice in the second half and steal the victory.  Pride newcomer Corinne Vincente was a key contributor in the effort.
The Pride will look to bounce back this week when they travel to Bayville to face the SJA SOL.
That is what some people in Millville are doing to keep some youth busy, and they deserve all the publicity the advertising will bear.
“Does anyone ever get tired of patting themselves on the back?
“Always the same people.
“I was told by my parents, If you can’t say anything nice, then say nothing.
“I wish more people would learn this. But, in my defense, this excludes politicians.”
— Gail Ward
Can you imagine someone answering CBK, putting out rational comments about things other than politics?
“CBK, until all kids have parents like yours, that Christie wants to eliminate Early childhood Education is unthinkable.
“Without it, many kids will start school already behind the ‘lucky ones.'”
— Mary E. Bergmann
“I never realized how many awesome Virgos were out there!”Happy birthday!

— Andrea Lookabaugh Rodi

We’re all lovers, but some of us do run.

To the dinner table.

Andrea does 50Ks. How many miles is that?

We asked if she runs on batteries.

“Jack Hummel, is coffee considered a battery?”

— Andrea


Speaking of lovers, we figure Jane Hemighaus has to be a Virgo, just because of all the family the matriarch has produced.

If you want to meet them, any night at Texas Roadhouse where one of them, Katelynn Whitesall, is service with a smile that lights up Delsea Drive.


I read that someone was wondering about Jack Horner. This photo was taken in 1989 at the RSVP Recognition Dinner at the Centerton Country Club.He was our disc jockey.”

— Goldie Wulderk


Must be his daughter.


“That is approximately the number of pounds I’ve lost since first being hospitalized back in late June.

“I wonder if I should do one of those cheesy as hell weight loss commercials for the Necrotizing Pancreatitis Diet.

“Two requests: Lemme borrow Popeil’s announcer and avoid the chain-saw Popeil editing,

— Jim Williams,

with thinner CCC tonsils

Order a king-size bed.

We’re coming up. We can give up four months in order to live 10 years longer.

Question: Have you been on pain killers the whole time?

“It seems that most cities our size have the same negative issues as Millville.

“I would love to hear your opinion on concrete SOLUTIONS to make a positive difference.

“Are there any issues that are ‘low hanging fruit’ that could make an immediate impact while we are working on more complex ideas?”

— Candidate Larry Malone

Steve Lane was at one time the economic development director for Bridgeton.

We said to him, let’s go down those paths again because the people who stymied you are gone.

“Yes, some dead, some gone … but never interested in the city.

“Case in point:

“Northland Cranberries, a Wisconsin company, had a factory on Bank Street. There is a lot owned by the city adjacent to their facility. I did an environmental assessment of the property. That is within my realm of expertise, and experience. I did it for free.

“The field was positive for transite, and chrysotile asbestos. There was a great amount of lead present, and 2 underground oil storage tanks, and one was leaching into the soil.

“I told the UEZ board that it would cost $70,000 to abate the hazardous materials and dispose of them properly.

“Northland Cranberries said that if Bridgeton sold them that lot for $1, they would handle the cleanup, because they had the intention of building a warehouse that would employee an additional 70-100 people.

“Bridgeton said no, and I was the one to tell them, no deal.

“Well, that property is still there, vacant, and to my knowledge probably still contaminated. I had a lot of ideas for this town. I left a higher paying position to try and help my hometown.

“I haven’t given up, but I was disappointed.”

— Steve Lane

Scarred for life?

“Thank you, Shari Lynn,  for extending your forthright communication to me and it was SINCERELY a pleasant experience meeting you in person.

“I also want to thank you for donating your used refrigerator for my warehouse crew to use in our makeshift kitchen here.

“I do look forward to doing more animal rescue stuff with you in the future and on behalf of all the furry friends out there, THANK YOU for all you do!”

— Gary E. Meyer,

Millville Cat Commissioner

YOU CAN BOOK IT: We will always publicize those who are getting it done.

Jealous over Hawaii; Code Blue time; Millville youth soccer; CBK answered; Andrea runs on coffee; Jack Horner; Jim Williams has lost 137 pounds; Candidate Larry Malone; Jane Hemighaus’ tree; When Steve Lane tried to help the city; Cat commissioner says thanks

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