Crime takes over front pages; Some things questioned; Millville Soccer Trunk or Treat; CBK making sense; Running with no bathroom; Jim Filippello, Chris Evert and Center For Health & Fitness; Eating well at Bethany


The column says that if you want to get on the front page of a newspaper today, kill somebody or be the governor taking away money from you, because there is no room for good deeds or how to fix problems.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Is there a more beautiful smile than Jerica’s?

It covers her whole Texas Roadhouse face.

Mike Trout weighs 240 pounds?

And runs like a halfback.

Why don’t batters wear football helmets?

Why don’t motorcyclists “catch the wind” in football helmets instead of those German war helmets that protect nothing?

To whiten your teeth, you put the whitening in a plastic cover and over your teeth.

When is somebody going to invent a teeth cover for every time you eat so food never touches your pearlies, so you never lose enamel or get cavities?

Is there anything more important than the Eagles and Bears Monday night, unless maybe you’re on death row and the sad ol’ padre is going for a walk?

Millville Soccer Association’s Trunk or Treat will be on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 5 to 8 p.m.
 Come out for Halloween fun with games, music, costumes, prizes and candy!
Call the clubhouse now to reserve a spot for your car  at 856-293-8700.
“Hi, Jack!
“Really, really, really grateful that I don’t have to send my children to public school in the City of Bridgeton. The Abbott is a complete failure. Constantly throwing good money after bad, I am surprised it has continued this long.
“I agree that it is lack of parent involvement and participation that is at the core of the poor performance. I do take exception to the comment that is loaded with hubris that a lot of very politically active, politically motivated and overly opinionated Public School system teachers use, ‘If you are reading this,thank a teacher.’
“I thank my parents, they taught me to read, math and proper etiquette/manners and accountability/responsibility, discipline — among countless other things, I would run out of space before I could list everything they’ve done for me.
“IMHO if you can’t read at a some rudimentary level by the time you enter a classroom, you are already behind and that is the fault of the parent(s), not the school nor the teachers.
“Kids can recognize some letters around age 2, and studies have shown that the earlier the better with languages. I can also tell you that they are veritable sponges, soaking up everything in these years.
“I have changed my habits and behavior more than even I thought possible knowing I am their role model. I am actually aware of my posture, mannerisms, but mostly my words and attitude.
“I am always trying and always find myself lacking. Luckily, my husband is pretty perfect just the way he is, lol. If parents don’t care, I have no idea in the world how to fix that?
“Do you?
“The solution would have to be from a very elegant thinker, so don’t look to a bureaucracy. All this convoluted ‘throw money at it’ stuff has gotten us nowhere and perhaps made us lose more ground.


“Thanks Jack,


reading the blog post, no idea what is going on in the Facebook feed, lol


Do you?

What sense does it make to unfund prekindergarten?

If you’re going to cancel something, cancel 12th grade, when nobody learns anything except how to be the big dog.

Alex from Buena always on 92.1 FM on Saturdays doesn’t believe in alternative school for troublemakers.

He doesn’t believe it works.
“I heard your show last week and love the idea you had about introducing a federal workforce.
“This might be one of the only solutions for ‘saving’ Bridgeton. We need to pursue it with Cory Booker and others with the media. I know it will work. Nice going.”
— Steve Tatz,
92.1 FM WVLT patriarch
“Get Over It”
Steve, there is something on the horizon for Bridgeton that is too huge to believe, especially if it reaches its conclusion.
Phase I won’t start until around December, and IT DOES NOT INVOLVE POLITICS.
“I was running last week and the cross country team needed to use the bathrooms at Sunset Lake and couldn’t do so because the bathrooms are not maintained, locked and unusable.
“This is unacceptable and needs to be remedied.”
— Jorje Romero
“Happy birthday my friend.
“See, all that Stairmaster time is paying off.
“Remember when they used to get me to try to limit you to only take one time slot. They sent me because they were scared. I was scared, too.
“Haha, happy birthday!”
— James Filippello
Does everybody know the Fitness Connection was once a tennis club called Sinnet (tennis spelled backward) headed by Tony Bacon?
That Chris Evert once played a match there that was rained out at the shore?
That several Millville teachers would race there after school to use the Stairmasters as as soon as they came through the door, though 18 minutes in, we would start the 20-minute program over again?
And that looking at Bev Maul, who rode a motorcycle and whose husband was the union rep at school, made it all painless?
James Filippello was part of all that madness before his career as a Bridgeton Police officer started, and he is the reason Citizen John Bondi is alive today.
It was Chief Bondi who once turned to his father and said, “Let’s take a ride.”
Translation: He was having a heart attack.
“Today’s meal at Bethany SDA church:
“Italian turkey sausage sandwich, fries, corn and dessert; plus a bag of goodies to take home. May the Lord be Praised.”
— Albert Kelly
How many did you serve?
YOU CAN BOOK ITAll hands on deck for Monday Night Football.
Crime takes over front pages; Some things questioned; Millville Soccer Trunk or Treat; CBK making sense; Running with no bathroom; Jim Filippello, Chris Evert and Center For Health & Fitness; Eating well at Bethany

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