Dumb CRHS, MSHS rulings on Technical School; Jim Williams playing Job; Micheal Mickey Williams insight; NASCAR coming here; Back to school night ire; Nightly news; Teen Development rules; Celebrating Mexican Independence


The column that says that Cumberland Regional and Millville have a lot bigger things to worry about than messing up their agreement with the new technical school over sports, and here’s hoping a lawsuit goes all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening again!

The trials and tribulations of CCC’s Jim Williams, who seems to have been in the hospital since the college softball and baseball playoffs ended:

“For the second time in as many weeks, my roommate is a senior citizen with dementia.

“When our nurse comes in, he jabber jaws thinking that she’s talking right to him. He’ll say random things out loud. Oh and he keeps trying to rip his IV line out.

“Lord, forgive me for the next words … if I ever get dementia, put me out of my misery stat. The day my mind goes, my very being goes too.

“Control of logic, reasoning and being sane is important to me. Just saying.”

— Jimmy Williams,

Duke of Job

“When I was addicted to drugs, my limit as to how far I would go was based on how much my loved ones could take.

“When they reached their threshold, I quit!

“A man or woman will never be broke until their crutches are broken.”

— Michael Mickey Williams,

Minor Adjustments

A little insight

May 19, 2016

Cape May Drug Court graduation

“… As keynote speaker, Michael Williams, founder of Minor Adjustments, Inc., gave impassioned remarks, “You have value, your life is at stake if you don’t turn from your addictions and join us on the other side.”

Williams, born in Atlantic City, described how he hit rock bottom in Bridgeton in 2009 as a crack cocaine addict and dealer, and was in and out of jail for 20 years.

That rock bottom day found him eating out of dumpsters and shunned by most of his family. Williams recounted that he relied on his mother, a couple of friends and the nearest rehab center to help him.

“Now those people still help me, but I am able to help others. The ‘friends’ who I used to do heroin with, commit crimes with, they’re coming to me now to turn their lives around. Making minor adjustments is key. And we now need to reach out to students as young as grade school and middle school students because that is where our addiction problem is starting.”’

— Camille Saller

The Duke is back:

“Logistics, logistics, logistics.

“So, obviously still at Cooper and likely will be in room 1023 for a few more days as I get some physical therapy. Ideally, I’d transfer to a rehab facility to gain strength but that may not happen and I may go home and get home care.

“Stay tuned and if you’re near Camden, visits are much appreciated.”

— Jimmy Williams

C’mon, Stu Berman, take a road trip!

“Did you know that NASCAR is coming to Millville this weekend?

“OK, is this microphone on? Testing one two three.

“Yes, NASCAR is coming to Millville this Saturday! Now, I have to admit, I’m not a super huge fan of racing. But it’s exciting that they are coming to Millville which means people, which means foot traffic, which means dollars.

“If you haven’t bought a ticket, go to njmp.com and get ’em while they are hot!”

— Steve Harris,

Millville Welcome Wagon

“Not everyone who lost his life in Vietnam died there.
“Not everyone who came home from Vietnam ever left there.”
“So, I just came back from back to school night.
“I am so disgusted I don’t know what to say. I asked Jada’s teachers if we could expect homework this coming week.
“Their answer: ‘We were told not to give homework and paper assignments.’
“I can’t believe this! I am livid! I am going to buy a few cases of copying paper for her class. I have to find out when the board of education meetings are because this is crazy!”
— upset mom
“We live in a world where kindergarteners show up to school with 30 packets of heroin in their lunch boxes, moms drive drunk and their kids are ejected from the vehicle and killed.
“And we tax people for drinking soda.
“This is the nightly news.”
— Brit Ney
And nobody wants to vote for change.
“The first rule of Teen Development is letting them know that you CARE about every aspect of their lives.
“The 2nd rule is to prove the 1st rule to them on a consistent basis!
“Professional and leadership development and career and colleges readiness and exploration is our focus at The Village Mentors. We are committed to developing our next generation of leaders! Become a Professional Mentor today.”
— Bryan Real
YOU CAN BOOK IT: Come on out tomorrow night for a very big celebration of Mexican Independence. There will be also food outside. There will be a lot of drink specials. Also authentic Mexican food specials. See you at Palmas in Bridgeton.
Dumb CRHS, MSHS rulings on Technical School; Jim Williams playing Job; Micheal Mickey Williams insight; NASCAR coming here; Back to school night ire; Nightly news; Teen Development rules; Celebrating Mexican Independence

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