Hate taking over; Millville Youth Event; Salem Midgets have AED; Remembering Howard Furtek; Millville Scarecrow contest; Who’s campaigning on violence in Philly?


The column that says when you lose a column right at the end, God is telling you something in it is not fit for print.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

“Brilliant OpEd!

“In the end, we contribute to our communities (and history) not only by what we actively say and/or do, but also by those things we leave unsaid or undone.

“Hate and fear have always existed throughout history.

“Sadly, we have too many examples of what becomes of communities and nations when hate and fear are elevated, no longer marginalized, as is happening now in the good old USA.

“I’m not the smartest kid in class, but even I get this … come on people.”

— Diana Lee Black

“Hey, everyone!

“Millville Community Church is having a youth event at the Phenom Factory here in Millville on 8th street this Friday night.

“Fun/Games/Food. But best of all, it’s FREE! Whether your kid goes to church or not, makes no difference. We love our youth and city of Millville.

“Come on down and let’s have some fun!”

— Pastor Steve


“I was an Army Grunt with the 1ST Cav and proud to have been one.

“God made the Army so the Marines would have HEROES! LOL BROTHER SHEP!”

— Russell DeCamp

14330076_1028869603897585_3385305837880834026_n.jpg“This is the reason for our mission.

“To have a device accessible that could save one of these faces. Salem Midget Football received their AED today.

“Thank you to all our supporters of this cause. You’ve help make this possible.”

—  Heroes Foundation

“It’s official: When I swung across West River Drive by the Art Museum this morning, I topped 10,000 running miles.

“Not bad for a little more than six years’ worth of work.”

— Bryan Littel,

still running from the Bridgeton News

“I didn’t do it I thought about doing it, but I didn’t.

“I was in a local auto parts store and the customer was buying a battery and he said I just want a cheap battery that works and the best they could do was sell him a battery for $125.

“I wanted to go over and tell him that Husted’s Landing has a new battery for $95 and a used battery for $45.”

— Kennard Hildreth

“Sometimes I wish this man was still around to to get on me.

“He always knew what to say to me. He never yelled but he knew how to annoy me, too get the best out of me.

“Had a dream with him in it last night.”

— Andrew Bodine



You mean Ciro Poppitti didn’t win in Delaware, Gina Collini?

What went wrong?

And who holds an election in September?

Do people who operate crematoriums get cremated?

Millville Municipal Alliance, the City of Millville and Taking Back Millville will present the city’s 2016 Scarecrow Contest.

All businesses, groups and individuals are encouraged to decorate a scarecrow to be displayed along High Street during October. Categories are: Best of Show, Best Business Entry, Funniest, Scariest and People’s Choice.

— Daily Journal

“A violent day on the streets of Philadelphia left five people dead, including rapper Meek Mill’s cousin, in numerous shootings and stabbings over the span of about 15 hours on Tuesday.”

When MSNBC and CNN start campaigning about this, we’ll start to listen.

Such sorry media!

YOU CAN BOOK IT: If you’re happy with the way things are, you’re part of the problem.

Hate taking over; Millville Youth Event; Salem Midgets have AED; Remembering Howard Furtek; Millville Scarecrow contest; Who’s campaigning on violence in Philly?

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