9/11 at Bruce Riley’s remembered; No national anthem at Mexican festival?; Less trash in Millville; No boat ramp for Russ DeCamp?; Drinking free coffee, but not in Dallas; Parents responsible for kids’ crimes; Dinner at Bethany; All That Dance in Miss America Parade


The column that hasn’t forgotten that on the 10th anniversary, Bruce Riley had us plant an American flag for every person who died in 7/11 at his place of business on Shiloh Pike, which each flag carrying the name of a deceased.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

“Find out if it is true that they sang the Mexican national anthem, but not the star bangled banner at the Main Street thing Saturday.

“If what I’m told is true, Main Street should be ashamed and receive no more funds from this city.

“Instead of bringing cultures together, they are pushing them apart.”

— Mike Abbott

It was a Latino event.

If we have to play our national anthem there, do we have to play the Mexican national anthem at gringo events in the city?

Forty-three percent of the city is Latin, and that doesn’t count the ones under sanctuary, which means if stopped by the law, they can’t be asked if they are legal.

“Why the hell should I?”

— Mike Abbott

Are you saying it’s your town, despite being a minority?

“Mexican national anthem belongs in Mexico. This nonsense has to stop and these liberals need to go!”

— Gail Ward

But nobody seems to worry about the drug dealer lurking in the shadows who has already ruined the life of your 16-year-old neighbor.

What are you asking them to play, Mike?


This was an alleyway between 5th and 4th in South Millville on Tuesday.

“It looked like this.

“By Saturday, it is totally clean. We can’t take credit for that.

“We reported it to Streets and Roads and those gentlemen took care of it right away, so let’s say thanks to our Streets and Roads.”

— Robert Mcquade

“I just can’t understand how people can be so trashy like that it’s disgusting. They don’t care what this town looks like.

“There is so much human trash and trash it’s pathetic..”

— Verna

“I had heard a rumor that Millville wanted to get rid of the alleys.

“I know the one on my block is used often by homeowners to their garages, but, looking at that one, why not just have the property owners move their fences back and meet in the middle of the ally.”

— Jennifer

Ten years ago, Bridgeton Police tried to get rid of alleys because people they were chasing were able to escape easier.

Neighbors erupted.

Warren Robinson was all over it.

It didn’t happen.

In 1994, Silverton, Ore., passed an ordinance holding parents responsible for their kids criminal actions.
Explaining his support for a statewide parental responsibility law enacted in Oregon a few
months after the Silverton ordinance became effective, a legislator said that the
law is “for parents who obviously don’t take seriously their role in raising their
children. As a society, we have the right to tell parents, you have a
responsibility to properly supervise your child.”
In the same vein, the police chief said, “I don’t think we’re telling people how to parent. We’re just giving them a tool to become better parents, trying to get at some of the parental apathy and neglect.”
The Silverton police chief and mayor reported that their parental responsibility
ordinance had immediate and dramatic effects. The mayor told a reporter that
crimes by juveniles declined by 44.5% nine months after the law took effect,
truancy levels declined, and schools reported “a significant increase in the
level of involvement of the parents with their kids.”
A few months later the Oregon governor signed comparable state legislation and issued a statement saying, “I firmly believe this law will help us bring juvenile crime under
control and get to kids and their parents early enough so that the children do
not become mired in a life of crime.”
This article argues these laws could encourage some parents to restrict their teenagers excessively, stunting the children’s development, and that there is a clear risk that the laws will be enforced disproportionately
against poor, single parents.
The data also indicate that the laws may reinforce negative images of teens and encourage very aggressive policing of teens.
Because these negative effects may well outweigh positive effects of the laws,
the article argues against enactment of parental responsibility laws.
And that is sad news to community activist Warren Robinson, who goes before city council periodically to ask for Bridgeton to enact such an ordinance.
“At the NCO (Non-commissioned officers — PFCs, sergeants, staff sergeants, etc.) School I’m attending, they want us to have our clothes closets arranged a certain way — which is fine and great, but they want us to use wire hangers.
“WIRE. HANGERS. You can eliminate Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, but where’s the respect for the history?”
— SP Jim Cook Jr.
Why not OCS (Officers Candidate School) , Jim? Huh? Huh?
Why not grow a pair and become a commissioned officer and sleep with the Donut Dollies, instead of just dreaming about them?
You’re 2nd Louie material, trust me.
Jess Beym put that trait in you.
Do you have to eat at Fogo de Chao in Philly to show you have arrived?
Is Charlie Leyman going to get his deserved promotion with security in the Bridgeton school system?
He got passed over and is suing.
It would a lot easier to teach people how to fish if Sunset Lake had a ramp that you could launch a boat.
“Just saying!”
— Russ DeCamp
Hey, City of Bridgeton, Russ is a Vietnam veteran who lived in the bush where he was the target.
And we can’t get him a boat ramp at Sunset Lake?
We will protest at the next city council meeting by staring at Dean Dellaquila.
“Today’s meal at Bethany Seventh Day Adventist Church.
“To God be the Glory! You are welcome to join us.”
— Albert Kelly
All That Dance:
“Proud again!
“Yesterday was another SUCCESSFUL performance at The Miss America Show Us Your Shoes Parade!
“The day included beautiful dancing and fun-filled memories. You are a great bunch of kids and parents. Thank you for all that you do. Love you!
— Meredith A. Shaw
YOU CAN BOOK IT: Like Pete Visconti says, some of us will be enjoying free coffee tomorrow morning and some of us live in Dallas.
9/11 at Bruce Riley’s remembered; No national anthem at Mexican festival?; Less trash in Millville; No boat ramp for Russ DeCamp?; Drinking free coffee, but not in Dallas; Parents responsible for kids’ crimes; Dinner at Bethany; All That Dance in Miss America Parade

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