Melissa has the mic Saturday; School supply shortage ridiculous; No pet store snacks; Kenny’s gone; Ban abusers from owning pets; Mike Abbott unchained; Don’t sneak up on Shep; Chandra Pitts-Bryan Real; BHS graduation rate


The column that says the next best thing to having the Pascale Sykes Foundation on 92.1 FM Saturday at noon is to hear Melissa Helmbrecht Kappeler explain all the good things the foundation can do for you.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

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Good evening!

If you went to the Bridgeton CrabFest a couple of weeks ago, why didn’t you stick around for the entertainment?

You hurt Jorje Romero’s feelings.

On school supplies shortages:

“Teachers spend an enormous amount on school supplies. It’s just what they do. And the extra special things … On my!

“Paper shortage happened every year when I was teaching.”

— Peggy Gentile-Van Meter

At Cumberland Regjonal?

No, no, no!

You have a beautiful country setting and the school divided into modern pods with forward thinking people like Dr. Jespersen and Cindy Zirkle on the board of education, and there’s  not enough paper?

Every year?

How about toilet paper?

Was there enough toilet paper?

“I have never met a classroom teacher that didn’t have to spend their own money for classroom supplies.

“The days of public schools supplying everything are long gone! I know of one school district that had an online Language Arts program, but did not supply teachers with the necessary paper to copy the materials so all students could have copies of the reading material.

“Of course, the teachers went out and bought the paper so that the students could actually read the material. The days of schools supplying what is necessary are over.”

— Linda Carman

You know why, don’t you?

It’s because teachers have to use all the paper to fill out the mountain of paperwork required by a state that has no clue.

There’s  no time to do anything else.

Don’t blame the teachers. Start at the top with your complaints and work your way down.

Why is there no pet store loaded with dog treats in western Cumberland County?

Are all the dogs located in Millville and Vineland?

“Five days and counting until the warden and her clone head for KY.

“She was crying this morning. I thought it was because she was going to be gone from here for 6 days and was going to miss me.

“No, she was mumbling ’53 years, 53 years.’

“Then it hit me. Today makes 53 years we have been together.”

— Mike Abbott

Thank goodness for crossword puzzles, hammers, saws, paint brushes and ladders.

What’s wrong with Bridgeton.


Kenny Fisher isn’t here anymore, not to mention Fisher’s chicken.

“A Florida county is putting animal abusers on a registry where they will be prohibited from adoption.

“Do you agree?

“Yes, I agree, and I will push for my county in New Jersey to do the same!”

— Darwin Cooper

It’s actually a no-brainer, Darwin, and any judge who does not do it is clueless.

Or, as Stephanie Atkinson says …

I worked for an animal shelter for 7 1/2 years. I saw a lot of animals who were neglected or abused over the years.

“I worked with many abused cats and dogs to get them to trust a human again.

“I learned to love and respect animals more than I respect humans. When i worked for my local shelter, I turned 2 of my neighbors in. I have zero patience and tolerance for animal abusers. I agree 110 percent with this. It should be a law and enforced.”

Why isn’t it a law?

On the PTSD trail …

“I was working with old farmer this morning hooking up a spreader.

“When I got up and looked, here comes a man about 4 feet away. Never saw or heard him coming. I had a hitch pin and just about to plant it between his eyes when I reconized who it was.
“I told him he should know better then sneak up behind someome cause I was ready to put him down. He said he would hit back.

“Told him no way would he ever get off the ground.”

— Shep

Never, ever sneak up on a combat veteran!

“Good morning to all my fellow entrepreneurs, educators and change agents!

“Our work is never easy, and often times never ending. But our genuine love for what we do and excitement about our impact keeps us going day and night with a commitment that few understand.

“Even though we make it look easy, we need self care and we need each other. I just want you to know that you INSPIRE me. THANK YOU for your work!”

— Chandra Pitts

Chandra is a Delaware Hall of Famer who would be a perfect co-host with Bryan Real some Saturday at noon on 92.1 FM.

In listing the top redneck places in New Jersey, Roadsnacks says Bridgeton’s graduation rate is 54 percent.

Is that the new figure, down from 68 percent?

YOU CAN BOOK IT: But that’s not important, like somebody not standing up for the flag.

Melissa has the mic Saturday; School supply shortage ridiculous; No pet store snacks; Kenny’s gone; Ban abusers from owning pets; Mike Abbott unchained; Don’t sneak up on Shep; Chandra Pitts-Bryan Real; BHS graduation rate

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