Judy Dickinson being inducted; Shep on his PTSD; How high up are those involved in drugs; Don’t let these women catch the pervert clown; Three vie in Millville; Bryan Real turns down job to focus on Takes A Village; Aunt Betty’s fixing your diner; Ralph Esquilin needed in Hall of Fame; Cedarville awash in crabs


The column that says don’t ever make fun of a wrong hurricane forecast because you have to move stuff back, because you could be moving back your whole house had it taken a different path, and will Fortescue ever be whole again after being ravaged by Sandy?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!



Look who’s coming home!

Judy Dickinson, the LPGA golfer who got her start working at Holly Hills.

Holly Hills is gone and Dickinson is retired, but we saw her get to play an LPGA tourney at Loch Nairn outside Avondale, Pa.

Along the way, she had twins with pro Gardner Dickinson.

Judy is being inducted into the All Sports Museum of Southern New Jersey on Tuesday, Sept.13, at 2 p.m., at 8 Burt St., in Bridgeton.

Member of Palm Beach County and Summit County Ohio Halls of Fame.

Received the March of Dimes Women of the Year Award, EWGA Leadership Award and the Patty Berg Award.

Served as President of the LPGA 1990-92. Served as Director of Community Relations for the LPGA’s ADT Championship and LPGA director of professional development and member services.

Advisory Board member of the World Golf Hall of Fame 2000-2009.

Currently serves as Head Professional and director of marketing/instruction at West Palm Beach Golf Course.

Director of the Judy Dickinson Golf Academy that specializes in instruction for juniors and women. 2011 LPGA SE Section Senior Champion.

Was married to PGA Tour player Gardner Dickinson (deceased) and has twin sons Barron, who is currently a senior at Florida State University, and Spencer, who is playing minor league baseball for the Cincinnatti Reds.

About Shep and his PTSD:

“Thank you, Mr. Sheppard. And I have thanked you before and will thank you again.

“People need to know more about people like you.”

— Peggy Gentile-Van Meter

“I am now about one month from being 71, and still ready to fight anyone stupid enough to try.

“Still working for the old farmer and helping Jack Horner.

“I see the imports are getting their way and getting salt water back in the one bank meadow that was fixed. Saw county trucks there a couple of times. Now water table is rising.

“These imported idiots need to go back where they came from and leave us alone.

“Had to give up working with dike committee or some sorry ass would get his teeth knocked out. I worry about the birds and bleep on the town.

“It is a hard pill to swallow. I get too damned mad at these idiots.

“There is more than enough room out in the salt meadow for these birds due to all the damage the snow geese have done over the years.

“We have lost control due to all the imports. Out-numbered and don’t have a chance.

“But I’ll be a pain in their ass until I drop.”

— Shep

“The only way to turn Millville around is to replace the PD.

“And move the drug dealers out.”

— Lizann Loomis

As far as the drug problem in this country goes, there has to be a reason why we don’t attack the problem with full force.

Why there has been no wall built.

Why we don’t have armed troops on the border.

And maybe that reason is there are more people involved in the lucrative trade than you might suspect. More than just the thugs carrying out the moving, packaging and selling.

Important people.

Is there anybody who disagrees with that?

Now there’s somebody dressed as a clown stalking children:

“There’s a clown in Pennsylvania too, Reva!

“Telling kids there’s ice cream and candy in the forest! I’ll gut somebody if they touch my baby! No problem, no remorse!”

— Shelly Hickman

“Video games, cell phones and social media are killing our kids, and when they get on social media, the assholes stalk our babies when they get online.

“It is really sad!”

— Rodney Nelson

“A lot of crazies out there. The law isn’t strict enough. Let me catch someone messing with mine. GOD help them.

“I know we can catch a predator tie them to a pole naked in a room with hungry rats. The let them bleed out.”

— Claudia Trout

The race to fill a vacancy on Millville City Commission will be a three-man affair among William F. Davis, Larry Malone, and Robert Ossler.


The vacancy is for a position held until January by Vice Mayor James Quinn. A Democrat, Quinn resigned to start a term on the Cumberland County Board of Freeholders.

— Joe Smith

“Turned down a full-time job at a Group Home for teen boys today.

“I’m committed to the growth and success of The Village Mentors! You have to sacrifice Good for Great, even if you can’t see the Great yet.

“Have to believe! Sacrificing is almost the norm to me now. Faith Walk! I don’t talk about my relationship with God much but I act through him/her every day!

“If you’re in Atlanta, and you’re an awesome Youth Development Professional and Mentor, inbox me. This black-owned Group Home is phenomenal and is seeking staff now!”

— Bryan Real

Takes A Village

“I’ve got very strong feelings about the inequalities of public schools just miles away from one another.

“And we praise the high performing schools, but there is one single factor that makes them that way, and that’s the poverty level of the students that attend.”

— Courtnee Hummel

“On Fridays and Saturdays, Aunt Betty’s will have your dinner ready.

“You can either eat in or pick up. The meals are delicious, and she begins serving at 4:30 p.m.

“You know they are good when people call back and tell you how great everything was!”

— Reva Christian

She’s talking about Aunt Betty’s in Greenwich, which has served breakfast and lunch.

Other than Shep drinking his morning coffee there, it’s a slam dunk.



Remember Ralph Esquilin, the running back Bridgeton trained and Millville stole?

“Need to get you in the HOF, Ralph.

“Your teammates are counting on you! Fill that form out and get it to me. Stay cool down there.”

— Tony Surace

“Big thank you to the sponsors (who I will name soon) and to the overwhelming response this year in ticket sales for our crab dinner on Saturday, Sept. 10.

“I apologize to those who did not receive tickets, but we are at our limit with 3 seatings.

“The work began last night and Thursday night we will cook and marinate 42 bushels of cold crabs and by Saturday they will be ripe for picking!

“Big thank you to the men,women, ldren and friends of Cedarville Fire who bust their asses all week long and especially on Saturday to make this happen!

“Also thank you to the crabbers and cleaners who also bust their butts! Many working pieces have to mesh together to make an event this big successful!

“Some 92 bushels of crabs, of which 42 bushels will be gourmet garlic (cold crabs). Can’t wait!”

—  Brian Scarlato,


YOU CAN BOOK IT: How many dinners do 92 bushels of crabs make and what’s the difference between a No.1 and a No.2?


Judy Dickinson being inducted; Shep on his PTSD; How high up are those involved in drugs; Don’t let these women catch the pervert clown; Three vie in Millville; Bryan Real turns down job to focus on Takes A Village; Aunt Betty’s fixing your diner; Ralph Esquilin needed in Hall of Fame; Cedarville awash in crabs

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