Good luck, Sam!; Jorje Romero has a story; Dogs in a cage; Hopewell Day; No pole beans; Meagan Henry to the rescue


The column that says you won’t be able to kick around Sam Bradford anymore, but now we have three teams to root for — Eagles, 49ers and Vikings.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Is it better to double book by mistake and have two guests on the radio or single book and have no one show up and have to scramble?

We have  now had it both ways on 92.1 FM.

Jorje Romero and Kelvonne Rhett actually made a great combination today because both are trying to save the youth of Bridgeton.

Romero was a police officer in Camden until somebody blew up bis car, then burned down his house, figuring he must have been a great police officer.

Can you picture Jody Farabella getting his car blown up by suspected drug dealers and his home torched?

So it could be worse.

Growing up, Romero was walking to school one day when he walked into an abandoned house and found a dead person. He lost his brother to drugs at age 15.

“I came from north Camden, the worst section,” he explained.

And then one day he drove through Bridgeton and liked the architecture, and he wound up buying the stone house on West Commerce Street that was once a bed and breakfast.

It is now home to his wife and five children — “actually 10 — 5 of my own, three stepchildren and two adopted children.”

It’s  more than a bed and breakfast could hold.

Romero loves Bridgeton. We could use a lot more like him.

“Hey, Gary E. Meyer!

“Did you see that the SPCA is doing a ‘shoes for shelters’ event?”

— Jennifer Fields

“I was sent this. In Bridgeton City.

“These two furbabies are left like this, out in full sun with no food or water. The person said she takes over food and water for them. She said they stay in this cage, The law states “HUMANE” conditions. This is NOT humane!

“Why do people get any furbaby if this is what they are going to do?

“She stated she has offered them money and they refused. She said she notified the ACO and SPCA and they removed the chickens as chickens are not allowed in Bridgeton.

“Nothing with these furbabies. They can’t even move, walk, run, play.”

— Gail Ward


We cannot believe the SPCA would pass on these condition.

“Enjoy a chicken BBQ, homemade ice cream, a corn maze, and more during Hopewell Day on Saturday, Sept.17, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Dutch Family Furniture in the Amish Market in Hopewell Township.

Is Jonas King making the ice cream?


“As a board member, it is my responsibility to:
1. Carry out the visions and goals of the school district
2. Establish policies that will give the district direction to achieve
3. Evaluate the superintendent
4. Communicate with central administration, employees, students and the community
5. Ensure that our district budget is fiscally sound.

— Cedric Holmes

“There is a lack of pole beans everywhere.

“Getting calls from Ocean City. Too much heat and dry weather.

“If this storm doesn’t blow off the blossoms and small pods, may have some in a week or so.

“One grower picked a half-basket off 5 acres yesterday. By end of week, back to 90 degrees.

“Sorry, folks. Just a bad year. Looked good early.”

— Shep

“It is impossible to help those who don’t want help.”

— Michael Mickey Williams,

Minor Adjustments

“I’m just super excited about The Village Mentors this year!

“Last year, I told God I needed an awesome partner this year! I said that I’ve done all could by myself. I’ve sacrificed all I could sacrifice.

“And then came Meagan Henry!

“I’m so thankful to have her as a business partner and team member! Nothing can stop two visionaries driven by purpose. Meeting was on today!

“The Village Mentors will be one of the best teen serving organizations in the world!”

— Bryan Real

Takes A Village

YOU CAN BOOK ITThe violence is getting closer.

Good luck, Sam!; Jorje Romero has a story; Dogs in a cage; Hopewell Day; No pole beans; Meagan Henry to the rescue

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