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The column that asks why are we not screaming to the heavens for Washington to do something about the influx of illegal drugs, even if it means putting troops on the Mexican border, and given how hard it is to reverse addiction, why are we not lecturing around the clock to young people on the hell they’re going to fall into if don’t listen, and why isn’t Madison Avenue not helping out with the same kind of ads that make us go crazy over chicken nuggets?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

We can’t reverse the drug curse, people.

We can’t stop the crack babies.

Any treatment is dear.

The 87 percent who can’t get off drugs wouldn’t be on them in the first place if they had the constitution to get off them.

People say turn Fort Dix — the whole post — into a treatment center. If it’s that bad, why are you turning a blind eye to a trade that regularly sees $1 million welded into a single SUV cross into Mexico?

Why are we not calling for all-out war at the border, on our seas and through the air.

Nothing has worked since President Nixon announced the first war on drugs.

You want a really far-out cure?

Confiscate every suspicious vehicle crossing the border, give the owner a vehicle of equal value and then rip the confiscated vehicle apart, because the bastards are hiding the money in such a way that it can’t be detected by dogs or X-rays.

Stop the flow of money from Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles to be laundered in Cancun in Mexico.

Otherwise, it won’t be ISIS that destroys us. We will destroy ourselves.

And here is the kicker.

All the people we know locally fighting this war aren’t getting paid a dime.

On giving to charity that spends 67 percent on collecting:

“For me, it’s the Salvation Army.

“What’s raised here stays here.”

— Shep

“I give now to local places including the VFW, or anything else that needs a donation.”

— Reva Christian

“I like two charities, as I’ve seen them do good for people (the local chapters) Red Cross and Salvation Army.

“Those were the two I designated as to United Way.

“You can’t stop the politicians and poll takers, but I hate the so called charity phone calls — Big Brothers & Sisters, fallen cops, PB Fund.

“Most of time, I don’t pick up and they leave no message of course. The scams are out there and I suppose they have some success. Everyone should be on a no-call list.”

— S.J. Bumpkin

Don’t knock Big Brothers Big Sisters! They ask only for clothes.

Busy, busy Gregg Jones on the theme for the next Ye Greate Street Live:


“Let you know when I figure it out. Usually don’t happen ’til January. Will give you the date soon.

“Gotta get by the Greenwich two-day Craft Faire in September … and the Ghost Walk Tour in October … and Buckshutem Country band gigs included.”

“Thanks to everyone who stopped by and picked up some of our glorious tomato crop this year, and donated at least $65 to CHABA (haven’t quite tallied it up with Sandy, yet. We’ve been so busy with RiverFest/Crabfest!).

“And thanks for the fun and games and fantastic food, too.

“We’re sorry there was no bus tour this year, but CHABA folks are deep into managing the Nail House restoration project right now, and D. Renee Brecht has less time for bus tours whilst heading up CCIA.

“Hi, Renee — missed you! Let’s see if we can’t squeeze one in next year. What say?”

— Flavia Alaya

“On stray cats.

“Let’s get all the townships to listen to what Gary Meyer has to say and follow his lead.

“Spay/neuter and cut down on overpopulation!”

— Linda Eisenberg

Linda, townships don’t want to hear about any project that will cost their taxpayers money.

“Something to think about.

“I usually don’t comment on things, but I think that there are always two sides to every coin.

“While Colin Kaepernick is being criticized for taking a stand, he has every right to express his opinion. I think that everyone should do their homework. Look closely at the third verse of the National Anthem and you will see why many African Americans are protesting.”

— Charlie Kates

We spent 3 1/2 years in the Army so everybody could have their say during that time, not just your say as being the gospel.

That’s what freedom is.

This is the guy we’re having on 92.1 FM on Saturday, Sept.10.

“The mail carrier loves to park in my driveway and I still can’t get her to say hello.

“She doesn’t even acknowledge me as she is strolling across the driveway or handing me mail (no eye contact). What’s up with that? Is she afraid of me or just anti- social?

“Wait! She speaks to my neighbor, just not me. Oh, well. I just need her to drop off the mail I guess. Wish she was friendlier, though.

“But I really don’t mind her using the driveway because I guess she thinks it’s more convenient, efficient and safer while doing her job.

“But their is plenty of off street parking available, just saying.”

— Jorje Romero


We will get the mail lady on, too.

This year, give your child the Gift of Dance.

According to NDEO, “Dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively,” as well as teaches them good health and wellness, acceptance, empathy, teamwork, self discipline and confidence, commitment, good character, and etc. the list goes on.

All That Dance Studio provides an educational dance curriculum of numerous styles for ages toddlers-adults including both Recreational and Preprofessional levels.

We employ friendly, positive, professional adult teachers containing either professional dance credits and/or degrees in dance.

Call for details: 856-451-2233 Hopewell location or 856-878-0111 Alloway location.

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Why not drug army?; On charity donations; Gregg Jones busy man; Flavia’s tomatoes; Jorje Romero’s mail carrier; All That Dance

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