Why are men pigs?; Jim ‘Kimo’ West on Millville Riverfront; Jorje Romero coming to 92.1 FM; Gary E. Meyer saving cats worldwide; Arts necessary; Job fair; Learn fastpitch softball; Century Bakery open 5 days a week


The column that says some things never change, like human beings being pigs when it comes to throwing things out the car window or in the woods.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: WVLT 92.1 FM Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.

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Good evening, again!

“Here I am, sitting at Parvin State Park. It truly is gorgeous here!

“Billy is running a 5K, and the other 3 are playing on the playground.

“And as I sit here, enjoying the beauty of nature, I see where others have enjoyed the park today, as well.

“Remnants of sandcastles, smell of charcoal left behind, and people’s trash all around me. I am appalled at the amount of garbage these imbesils have left behind. Its disgusting

“Learn to clean up after yourselves or stay the hell home!”

— Megan Davis

Why are you surprised, Megan?

You see the side of the road while you’re driving.

We’re pigs!

But not the women.

Without women, the earth would be one big dump.

Do you realize how much trash is in the Atlantic Ocean?

How much garbage? How much plastic?

Men are pigs!


Jorje Romero will be on 92.1 FM Saturday after next with his slant on Bridgeton, and maybe even Alex from Buena.

The Saturday after that, Gary E. Meyer will be on to explain how he ran the feral cat program in Millville from Thailand for a month.

Meanwhile, he’s getting thousands of cats spayed in Thailand.

Next, China?

He will be back, and we will have had all our shots.

But, let’s hear from Gary:

“By the way, if anyone thinks I am at the Ritz Carleton hotel, I am in a place with NO running water, no hot water, a leaking roof, not clean and so any different types of animals and insects, it defies description.

“Our in -laws are quite poor, but to me this is where my heart is at helping, so I can accept how I am living short term.

“Before I left, my friend, Stephen Harris, told me to pray on some things, as he knows I like to help, and, anyhow, this is where GOD put me for now.

“I didn’t forget about Millville at all and I have been in touch with them via email. They know what I am seeking, but they are a big ship and it needs a little more time to turn.

“There had to be contracts obtained, financial data checked, internal meetings and such and we are kind of at the last stage where I need an OK from the mayor, and I suspect there will not be any issues but good things forthcoming.

“Bye from Thailand, and see you all nearly next month.”

— Gary E. Meyer

“Absolute favorite part of the day at Little League World Series is blaring ‘Let It Go’ with windows down and three 12-year-olds are singing at the top of their lungs, wanting everyone to notice.

“That will most likely NEVER happen again! Best ride home ever!”

— Donna Hummel Chrzanowski

“I have read quite a bit of research about how the arts have a positive impact on learning as they develop certain aspects of the brain and solving problems.”

— Linda Carman


 Great opportunity for girls ages 8,9,and 10 to learn fastpitch softball at the next level.

The Tidal Wave fastpitch organization based here in Millville has openings for a few special girls.

They will be instructed by former collegiate softball players including the Millville High School Head softball coach, Brooke Ewan Dixon.

  If you or your daughter are looking for softball training/team with proper instruction for your young athlete, we will practice 2 times weekly including during the winter months (indoors).

They are also encouraged to participate in other sports/activities including rec softball at the Millville Girls Softball league.

All girls are welcome to come out to a few practices for free to see if they like or are ready for this level of training.

All girls must not turn 11 before Dec. 31 to be eligible. Any questions, please call 609-381-2835.

If your child is not athletic, become a pitcher.

All it requires is a trained arm.

“Summertime hours are over at family favorite Century Bakery.

“The bakery had been taking long, three-day weekends for the summer, but now is back to five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Just in time for Back to School orders.

“You’d be surprised how many schools order Century goodies for teacher meetings at the start of the school year!”

— Wayne A. Ernst,

Century Bakery

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Why is it everybody feels that the more you can screw the other guy, the more money you can make and the better your life will be?

Why are men pigs?; Jim ‘Kimo’ West on Millville Riverfront; Jorje Romero coming to 92.1 FM; Gary E. Meyer saving cats worldwide; Arts necessary; Job fair; Learn fastpitch softball; Century Bakery open 5 days a week

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