Mikiah Kreps still boxing: Get ready ‘Boom Boom’; No Tri City Boxing show; CASA looking for runners/walkers; Wilmington still jungle; Zip lining dangerous?; Another summer passes


The column that says cutting funding for pre-kindergarten is like skipping the foundation for a building and going right to the first floor, because no matter how much money you throw at misguided juveniles, your chances of success are terrible odds.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

A little history

May 18,2013

“Today is the day for the ‘Throwdown in Gouldtown,’ the Fight to Cure Juvenile Diabetes 2 amateur boxing show.

“In the featured bout Bridgeton and Cumberland County’s own Basimah ‘Boom Boom’ Baker faces Mikiah Kreps of Niagara Falls. A group of fans came down from Niagara Falls to support Kreps.

“If they can make an 8-hour trip and stay in Cumberland County for 2 nights, why can’t we travel a mile or two in support of our own world champ. So let’s go people! When the rapper G-Hulk leads Baker and Coach Gould to the ring, I want to hear a packed house screaming ‘Boom Boom’!, ‘Boom Boom’!.

“Tri City Boxing has 10 other boxers scheduled to compete including Angelita Rodriguez making her debut. The doors open at 5 and the action begins at 6.

“The talented Ms. Mona Lisa Baker will perform the National Anthem. Amateur boxing is fast and furious — so we promise not to keep you too long.

“The ‘Throwdown’ is held in memory of the late Mr Rick Pierce. A generous donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will be made in Pierce’s name as a result of the ‘Throwdown.”’

— Jerry Young



Guess what?

This year, Mikiah Kreps finished runner-up in the 132-pound weight class in the National Golden Gloves Tournament.

We’d do anything for a rematch, now that Basimah is training again.

She was not in tip-top condition the first time.


And then we’ll go after Rashida Ellis.

Wasn’t the coverage of Olympic Women’s Boxing great?

Did they hold it?

Watching beach volleyball is like being in the second row of a dog sled team.

The view never changes.

“It’s good that Mikiah is still active. We were hoping to have an outdoor show on Oct. 8, but, while we were trying to obtain a certain venue, that date was snatched up.

“We then started looking at an indoor venue for Oct. 22, but that’s not happening, either.

“It seems, as far as hosting a boxing show, this will be a blank year for Tri City Boxing. It will not stop us from being an asset to as many of our youth as we can.”

— Jerry Young



CASA of Cumberland, Gloucester & Salem Counties and CASA of Camden County, Inc., are looking for local businesses and groups in Cumberland, Gloucester, Camden and Salem counties to help sponsor their 4th Annual Superhero 5K Run/walk.

All proceeds benefit the abused and neglected children they serve.

Please pass these along to any connections you may have. Don’t forget to pass along to your own boss. Thank you so much!

It takes place on Sept. 24, from 9 a.m. to noon at Rowan, 1100 Tanyard Road, Sewell NJ 08080.

It’s $25 for adults, $20 for students and $50 for a family.

As an answer to: Did anybody on Facebook ever take English?

“English and art were my favorite subjects. These teachers were the inspiration I had when I discovered a knack for writing and sketching, and eventually, 41 years with BEN.”

— Kay Myers

On bullrider Abe Morris:

“That’s great! Reminds me of the kid I used to play with at the dairy, determined to make his own bull rope from baler twine and ridden those feed bags on box stall fence.

“Great job, old friend!”

— Jeff Flitcraft

“Hard to believe that next week will be the series finale for the 2016 Ocean City Boardwalk Concert Series.

“WXPN welcomes Lucinda Williams with special guests Buick 6 on Monday, Aug. 29.

“All seats are reserved and they are available at the Music Pier box office, by phone 1-800-745-3000 or online at ticketmaster.”

— Bob Rose

Can we promote the Sunset Lake Amphitheater as well as Ocean City does on its boardwalk?

Of course not.

Nobody said we had to start out as No. 1., as long as we are promoting our city and county.

From our girl in Wilmington:

“Just three months ago, our community was rocked by the devastating impact of girl on girl violence with the tragic death of Amy Joyner.

“Last week, the body of another young girl, Precious Hoskins, was discovered in a garbage can. Our girls need more LOVE and it begins with #SelfLove.

“Hope to see you today at 4:30 p.m. at Rodney Square.”

— Chandra Pitts,

President and CEO

One Village Alliance

Our Bridgeton Youth Leadership Group presented to the staff of the Robert Wood Johndon Foundation today.

“I was very proud. — with Karen Garcia, Josephine Holland-Bowleg and Nancy Jimenez.”

— Mayor Albert Kelly


“Watch out for Zip Lining! I know someone who fell and broke their hand in several places.

“Today in Delaware a lady dropped from zip lining and died.

“Of course, young people will do whatever with no fear.”

— Bonnie McKnight

We want to see it happen in Bridgeton City Park.

And  waterslide.

We want to see things happen that are so unusual for this area that even you will be amazed!

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Another summer goes by and all that changes is the business administrator, or is amazing things happening behind the scenes in Bridgeton?

Mikiah Kreps still boxing: Get ready ‘Boom Boom’; No Tri City Boxing show; CASA looking for runners/walkers; Wilmington still jungle; Zip lining dangerous?; Another summer passes

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