$140 lesson; How much air do you own?; Bridgeton businesses in ’68; Darla from Secret Sauce; SDA Sunday soup kitchen; Relocating mice; Pebbles waiting for you; Charlie Leyman honored; Another lawsuit settled; Videoing urgent dogs


The column that says at what point do you become officially addle-minded when your air conditioner stop running and the tech comes out and finds the reason is the thermostat is on 80 degrees, and the only one we can blame is the dog. 

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Did you know that air conditioner techs are not allowed to work outside while it’s thundering?

Isn’t it great that the thermostat was inside?

How much of your property do you own vertically?

The top of your tallest tree?

How high could build on your property? A replica of the 555-foot Washington Monument?

Could you declare a no-fly zone for crop dusters?

Some day, it could become important.

“Hi, Jack,

“Part of the fun of the old yearbooks are looking to see the business sponsorship ads. I chose a 1968 Bridgeton Baconian to share those here:

Pete & Hitch, Inc. authorized Ford dealer
Farmers & Merchants National Bank
ABC Credit, Inc
Dodge’s Market
George Evans & Son
Cole Bros
Balbirnie Pharmacy
Downer Motor Co
Gate’s Floral Gardens
Indian Fields Center
Sever’s Store
Keller Rambler
Ed Foote Pontiac & GMC
H. H. Okamoto
Wm H Richardson Store
E. C. Paris Bros Jewelers
Elmer 5 & 10 and Appral Shop
Hi Way Garage (Esso Dealer)
Pete’s Men’s Store
Fred Harz & Son
Hummel’s SJ News Agency
Seabrook Shoe Repair Shop
Springer & Thomas, Inc
Stanley’s Delicatessen
Century Baking Co Inc
Elmer Agway
Rovner’s Department Store
Halter’s Variety Center
Harris Gulf Station
Merritt’s Auto Service
Bobb’s Pharmacy
Morio’s Delicatessen
Dom’s Photo Center
J C Penny Company
Pfeffer’s Bakery
Van Gier Bridal Salon & Formal Wear
Ashley McCormick Co
Jim Smith Car Sales
Sutton Bros
Howard Hewitt Antique & Modern Firearms
Everett M Hitchner Accountant & Insurance
Hespelt’s Florist
Chiari’s of Seabrook
Carll & Padgett Funeral Home Inc
The First National Bank of Elmer
P. J. Ritter Co
Carl Harz Furniture Co
Johnson Motors
J .T. Roberts
Hiway 77 Motel
F. W. Woolworth & Co
The Bridgeton National Bank
Inner Space Technical Associates
Pike Lanes
M. C. Schrank Co
Pennsylvania Glass-Sand Corp
Harry Sorantino Cadillac-Pontiac Inc
Barton F Sharp & Son
F C Adams Ford & Mercury
Supersonic Car wash
Menz Bros
Felmey’s Sport Shop
Holly City Glass
Spoltore’s Cleaners
Sunny Slope Farms
Lane Jewelers
Popkin’s Shoes
The Cumberland National Bank
The Enterprise
“Stroll down memory lane.”
— Tom,
theyearbookguy@msn.com in Upper Deerfield
Darla from Secret Sauce is doing a special performance at 7 p.m. next Saturday at the Bait Box.
Her and two band members will be provide us a great night of music!
But don’t talk behind her back!
“Thank you Lord for the privilege of serving our brothers and sisters from the community.
“God Bless those who were able to serve at The Bethany SDA Sunday Soup Kitchen.”
— Mayor Albert Kelly
A lot of people talk the talk.
Not everybody walks the walk.
This girl does not belong in red-neck Cumberland County:
We relocate. I have a humane mouse trap. If I have a mouse and he goes in, I take him, or her, for a little ride down the road to a field and a pond. I also leave him, or her, some peanut butter crackers to get him started in his new home.”
— Gail Ward
“Pebbles is beginning to wonder why no one has come to her rescue. And quite frankly, so are we. She has a great temperament, great with kids. No cats though. Please continue to share her for a home. Fosters also welcome. ”
— Pennsville Animal Shelter

Cumberland County top law enforcement. Special congratulations to Bridgeton’s Ret. DET. Charlie Leyman.

CC Prosecutor Webb-McRae, Bridgeton PD LT Speranza,, Vineland PD Police Chief Codispoti, Millville PD Police Chief Farabella, CC Sheriff Austino, and CC Under Sheriff Santiago.



On Aug. 17, the Atlantic City (Atlantic County) Council, by a 7 to 2 vote, approved a $75,000 settlement to resolve a lawsuit brought by an Essex County man who said that he was beaten and falsely arrested by police after a bouncer removed him from a casino nightclub.

— John Paff

“This has been a difficult summer for our dogs. It’s been really tough to find placement for many of our urgent dogs and I want to make sure we are all doing all that we can give them every opportunity possible.

“I’m looking for a volunteer team of strong dog handlers to help me interact with and take pictures and videos of our urgent dogs.

“Current CCSPCA volunteers are welcome and I’d love to have some new folks on board, too.

“This is really important, as kitten season is still eating up tons of time and my schedule will only become more limited when school starts up again.

“Email me at CCSPCA_rescue@yahoo.com smile emoticon:). Thanks!”

— Gail Ward

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Have a cause.

$140 lesson; How much air do you own?; Bridgeton businesses in ’68; Darla from Secret Sauce; SDA Sunday soup kitchen; Relocating mice; Pebbles waiting for you; Charlie Leyman honored; Another lawsuit settled; Videoing urgent dogs

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