CCSPCA overloaded with pets; Long live the baseball clock; Millville Community Day; Derick Glenn fulfilling two dreams for veterans; Pepi still saving lives; 500 kids benefit from Takes A Village


The column that says sooner or later, you have to decide why you are on this planet, and where you are on that journey.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

“Hey, Jack,

“I know you keep tabs on the goings-on at the CCSPCA.

“Word is, they’re maybe a couple months away from total insolvency. To the point that they’re cashing in CDs to make payroll.”

— Skippy the Terrible

It’s possible, but doesn’t seem likely.

The last time we checked, it took $330,000 yearly to operate the Cumberland County SPCA, but that was a few years ago.

The problem with having a state-of-the-art building is it takes money to run it.

Down through the years, we have been in close contact with those who have made the SPCA the best in the state, starting with Carroll Christy, who lifted it up from the dregs before turning it over to Linda Catalano, who lived long enough to sell the old property across from the Fitness Connection at Orchard Road and Sherman Avenue, and buy and develop the new plant at 1244 N. Delsea Drive.

What made it possible was the SPCA owned 33 acres of prime land at the old site and the sale made possible a new, $3 million building.

The SPCA receives as much flak as any organization in the county, but mostly from second-hand and third-hand sources.

And the people who are the loudest critics are hit-and-run types who had a bad experience and want change, but if that happened, you wouldn’t be able to find them because they would have gone on to other windmills to tilt.

They want to be treated like they own the place because they love animals.

Instead, they should get to know cruelty investigators Charlene Rosenbaum and Diane Leauellen, whose last name we will continue to spell wrong.

The SPCA has a dedicated corps of volunteers that quietly go about their work in a county where, instead of criticizing the society, the naysayers should be pushing the county prosecutor’s office to form a pit-bull fighting task force, and also helping eliminate the feral cat epidemic.

“If the Invitational is dead, let this be its legacy:”

— Erik Cagle,

who covered more than a few games at Alden Field

Major League Baseball could be in for a large rules overhaul, one so unprecedented current players and baseball traditionalists alike are likely to oppose them.

Restricting defensive shifts, limiting pitching changes, altering the strike zone and installing pitch clocks were among the ideas commissioner Rob Manfred spoke of Thursday as major league owners embarked on a multiyear review of the game.

Major league officials made a presentation at the owners’ quarterly meeting in Houston, detailing changes to the game over the past four to five decades.

— Associated Press

This next Saturday, folks!
“It started as a way to bring the kids and police together, and is growing into a way to bring the entire city together!”
— D. Bailey Miles,
Taking Back Millville
“I need some help from you!
“I would like to grant a dream for two veterans.
“The first can no longer play his heavy accordion and I would like to purchase a smaller lightweight one for him.
“The second plays the organ each week for his church, but his organ recently broke. The total cost associated with both of these dreams is roughly $1,000.
“Thank you as always for helping our veterans!”


— Derick Glenn

“Hey, Derick,

“Can he get to Philly? I have been trying to sell mine with no luck, but if he wants it, he can have it for free.

“It’s a Lowrey in perfect condition.”

— Terry Hardin

“Pepi Dragotta, Bridgeton Midget Football  (player and coach) presents Sam Miletta, president, Bridgeton Midget Football League a AED to be placed at the field to save lives.

“Pepi, who recently needed assistance at a local soccer field ,has raised funds to have these life savers placed at numerous fields in the Cumberland County area.

“A big thank you, Pepi!”

— Bridgeton Midget Football

“I just want to give a special shoutout to Ashlee Todd for all of her PASSION, PURPOSE, AND HARD WORK she gives to our community, BRIDGETON, NJ!

“She is the backbone! Her and her team full of awesome queens are beyond phenomenal! Led by her awesome director, Carole Seabrook-Green, this is a very strong team of sisters!

“The Back To School Bash was a success.

“We were able to provide over 500 kids and families with school supplies. Thanks to all vendors and volunteers!

“Another huge shoutout to the officers from the Bridgeton Police Department that were there! True fefinition of community policing.

“They did the running man challenge (Ms Carole’s Vision), face painting, football and Frisby with our youth!

“They showed up and showed out! Salute to them! Special Thanks to all of the FAMILIES! Y’all did y’all part! It Takes A Village!”

— Bryan Real

Over 500 kids?

Must be a record.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Bryan Real on 92.1 FM Saturday noon to 2 p.m. if you want to thank him.

CCSPCA overloaded with pets; Long live the baseball clock; Millville Community Day; Derick Glenn fulfilling two dreams for veterans; Pepi still saving lives; 500 kids benefit from Takes A Village

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