Minor Adjustments grads get it; Carolscatz speaks to Downe; Toni Coogan looks back; Raymond Maddox missing


10325169_10152459683349556_3132879401590917208_n.jpgThe column that says we could have an Independent running in November if the GOP Convention is stolen from the voters.

Good evening again!

12400979_491126537755056_6195574904531340333_n.jpg“I told my Minor Adjustments class that I don’t care what they have to do when they get out of jail, just do something positive.

“Even if you have to draw designs on a handkerchief and sell them for a living, do it. Go anywhere but backward!

“I came in to do my last class before graduation and they gave me this and they all signed it!

“I think they got it!”

— Michael Mickey Williams

12928198_10206354145156566_172854254610625177_n.jpg“Doughboy is a tan and white, 4-year-old, male Chihuahua.

“He was last seen in Vineland  on East Avenue between Walnut and Chestnut Avenue, Spring Garden Apartments. My screen was cut and the door slid open.

“He knows the area well, so he should have been home by now.

“Due to certain instances, we believe this is not a case of a runaway dog, but of a possible dog napping.

“If you have any information, please contact me at 856-500-8843 or 856-692.0253.

“Thank you.”

12939168_10206359893220264_452891130_n.jpg“Found on Silver Lake Road in Upper Deerfield Township.
“Anyone recognize him?
“He will be going to the SPCA.”
—  Lost and Found Pets in Cumberland County and Surrounding Areas

Russ Cornwell eats lunch at Shady Maple?

Long way to travel.

“Downe Township residents:

“Carolscatz will be making a presentation on spaying and neutering and trying to get a resolution passed for Trap/Neuter/Release in Downe Township to help residents with the feral, stray, abandoned and homeless cat and kitten population.

“I ask all interested cat people to attend.

“The next committee meeting is on Monday, April 4.

“I need your support.

“Also, anyone who can offer testament to how TNR works, please come out and speak.

“Hope to see you there.”

— Carol Hickman

Diamonds in the Rough Collaboration has selected two very deserving women to receive the 2016 Shining Diamonds Award.

These women have been outstanding contributors to their communities and we want to give them their flowers now.

Please join us and help us celebrate Mrs. Kathryn LaCavera and Ms. Joyce Martin!

Tickets are on sale now for Saturday, May 7, at 11:30 a.m., at Masso’s in Glassboro. Donation is $40.

Three years ago

March 29, 2013

“Having a great day at QBC-TV Channel 2 and WSNJ 1240 AM.

“Bill Flickinger was here; Marie Gallo was here; Kelli Quinn was here; John Spahn was here; Johnny Petillo was here; Bryce Riggins was here; Autumn Quinn was here; Carmen Riggins was here; and even Otley Heulings made a rare Friday appearance!

“Hope I’m not forgetting anyone. Love all those people!”

— Toni Coogan

“Listen up everyone, this is urgent.
“Missing: Raymond Maddox missing from Millville since last Tuesday.

“He is an associate member of Bethel. His mom, Brenda Murray, and his aunt, Ollie Maddox, they are lifetime members.

“I’m asking all who see this post to first pause and pray for his safety and his family’s peace. If you know anything, please hit me up. Just like this post so his mom knows how many are bombarding heaven on his behalf.

“Thank you everyone.”

— Rev. Charles Wilkins,

Bethel AME Church

“In New Jersey, it is against the law to strike/hit a domestic animal and leave without first checking to ascertain the injuries (hit and run).

“You must also report to the police, animal control officer, and SPCA.

“You are to give the police your name, address, registration number and the exact location of the animal.

“If you see it and driver does not stop, please get their registration number and report.”

— Cumberland Lost & Found Pets

YOU CAN BOOK IT: The phrase, “We must stop him!” applies to every lobbyist and special interest group running this country into the ground.

Minor Adjustments grads get it; Carolscatz speaks to Downe; Toni Coogan looks back; Raymond Maddox missing

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