New Pearl Street paving torn up; CASA story; Saving Millville stray cats


The column that asks, who in the Bridgeton City government is going north to Trenton to try and get blood out of a turnip to help balance the budget?

By Jack Hummel

Good afternoon!

“Today, I went through the town of Bridgeton and my blood pressure started to go up.

“I remember three years ago they paved — Route  77, Pearl Street — whatever you want to call it.

“Now, they decide to put new gas line in,so naturally the road is tore up. So I don’t know who is to blame, the city of Bridgeton or the state of New Jersey, but, people. that had to cost the taxpayers of New Jersey three to $5 million to pave that route.

“And guess what? T hat is your tax dollars.

“So, please, can the right hand talk to the left hand so we don’t make no more mistakes like that cause I’m tired of paying taxes for wasted money.

“I can go on but I won’t have a good day. G oodbye.”

— Joe Musso

“Working with the Superior Court Family Division, the Office of the Law Guardian and DCP&P to hold an Aging Out Fair exclusively for our foster youth who are aging out of the system.
“If you know of anyone who would be willing to donate gifts for prizes or breakfast food, please let me know!

“Thank you!”

— Jennifer Henderson,

Court Appointed Special Advocates

Let’s put a face on how CASA helps:

Andrea, Sebastian, Aidan, and Evan were removed from their home after the Division received a report that Andrea had head lice for the fourth time in a year.

It was determined that the children’s home had inconsistent access to water and electric, and the parents were involved in truancy issues with the school district regarding Andrea’s poor attendance record. There was also a history of missed medical and dental appointments for the children.

The children were separated and placed in the care of two resource families. The CASA advocate met with all of the children first to determine their needs. Within the first week of being assigned to the case, the advocate had met with everyone involved.

The father worked full-time and wasn’t involved in the litigation as much as the mother, who, along with the named issues for the referral, was also taking part in a step-down methadone clinic.

When she met with the mother, she realized that despite the large obstacles, there was so much potential for this family to be repaired and directed the mom to contact the Family Strengthening Network (FSN) to allow her time to focus on the children while the family advocate worked to aid the mother in repairing her broken life.

The CASA advocate went beyond the average responsibilities of an advocate and attended the doctor’s visits with the children, stayed late in the evening to assist Andrea with her homework, and took the time to truly observe the children’s environments so she could fully grasp the nature of their needs.

Meanwhile, the family advocate from FSN worked with mom on two major goals: Finding independent housing for her and her children and obtain her GED.

Between the advocates showing that a bright future was truly within reach, their support, and mom’s dedication, mom was able to accomplish her two goals, in addition to moving forward to set more.

There were a few setbacks as mom is also a recovering addict, and would at times feel defeated and miss a few appointments. But, with that being said, the support system never wavered.

Her children’s CASA advocate was consistently there reporting the children’s progress and their desire to be reunited with their mom.

At the final hearing, the judge took a moment as he was closing and personally thanked the CASA advocate for her indefinite dedication to the children and their future with their family.

The children came home that afternoon to a new home and new life. The advocate remains in contact with the family and reports that they have recently added a pet to the family to celebrate mom’s new job at a local dental office.

None of this would be possible without the dedication and love of our advocates and supporters. Thank you all!

— Jennifer Henderson,

Court Appointed Special Advocates

Once known as “Red,” former gangster David Lee Windecher is now one of Atlanta’s hottest young lawyers.

His message: Too many Americans buy into a myth that youths are a lost cause.

On Cumberland Lost and Found Pets in Cumberland County website:

“I’m trying to make a huge dent in the feral cat populations in Millville by instituting the spay/neuter program so we can stop the breeding of the cats and let them live their lives out humanely.

“With that, I am working on funding and with other like minded groups tog et us some relief. I am seeking volunteers to assist in transport with an SUV/VAN and also humane trappers in the area.

“Please either message me your phone number and name or call me 856-300-5138 from 10-7 M-F. Since we are all volunteers, we have to accept sometimes we are not available but if you want to be on the list, at least I will call and see if you are when we need you as we are working with a bunch of different colonies and at times, we need another set of hands.

“Again, unpaid except knowing you are doing a good deed for the cat community.”

— Gary,

Millville’s volunteer animal coordinator and kitty fan


It’s like the starfish story.

“You can’t save them all.”

“No, but I saved that one.”

YOU CAN BOOK IT: You get a little nervous when your favorite Midget Football people are buying handguns.

New Pearl Street paving torn up; CASA story; Saving Millville stray cats

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